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Another Side Of Los Angeles Tours


Welcome to the spine-chilling realm of Hollywood’s most haunting tales! Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the shadows of Tinseltown on our exclusive haunted walking and driving tours. Delve into the mysterious and eerie world that lies just beneath the glitz and glamour, as we uncover the ghostly history and paranormal mysteries that have long remained hidden.

Join us on this hair-raising adventure, where the stars of the silver screen are not the only entities that walk these hallowed streets. Hear the whispers of legendary actors and actresses from a bygone era, whose spirits are said to still linger, forever bound to the places they once called home.

This is not just another tour; this is an unforgettable, immersive experience into the eerie underbelly of Hollywood. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’ll be captivated by the tales that haunt these streets and forever change the way you see the City of Angels.

Are you brave enough to face the unknown and uncover the dark side of Hollywood’s past? Book your spot on our Haunted Hollywood Tour today and embark on an otherworldly adventure you’ll never forget!

Ghosts Of Hollywood Walking Tour

The Ghosts Of Hollywood Walking Tour is a 90-minute haunted adventure in Los Angeles, offering a spine-tingling exploration into Hollywood's spectral history. Suitable for all ages, this family-friendly tour is filled with eerie tales that have shaped Hollywood's ghostly reputation. This tour cleverly weaves together the rich historical backdrop of Hollywood with captivating narratives, making it both informative and entertaining. Explore locations where famous paranormal investigations occurred, including spots featured in popular TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Expert guides lead you on a captivating journey to encounter the spectral inhabitants of Hollywood, from forgotten stars to iconic A-listers, revealing the enigmatic world of the city's ghostly folklore. Please book on line or contact us directly to make your "final" arrangements.

The Ultimate Haunted Hollywood Tour

Combine the glamour and glitz of Hollywood with the true backstory, that is The Ultimate Haunted Hollywood Tour. With a professional tour guide to host your souls, you will visit some of the most freaky, deadly, and haunted locations in the city. Enjoy tales that you will not hear on any ordinary tour. Learn about local crimes, riots, tragic accidents, and traumas that have taken place at some of the most famous locations here and visit the locations of these events. We look forward to taking you on a spooky adventure with the departed in LA. Please book on line or contact us directly to make your "final" arrangements.