The Beverly Hills Scavenger Hunt

With Beverly Hills as the playing field, we will divide your group into teams and pit them against each other in a Scavenger Hunt to lay claim to has the most competitive, smartest, unique, gutsy, and creative genius. Your guides will do their best steer your team to victory, but discovering the keys to the clues and finding the answers are up to you. In this exciting and fun hunt, guests are left in gut-wrenching laughter, as they look to solve clues and accomplish a series of fun tasks as they race against the clock to seek victory over their peers.
$99.00ON SALE for $75!

The Santa Monica Scavenger Hunt

For groups looking for a challenging team building activity, the Santa Monica Scavenger Hunt is a perfect choice! Explore the Santa Monica Pier, The Boardwalk, The 3rd Street Promenade and more. Enjoy some quirky challenges, photo opportunites, and a lot of fun exploring some of the best gems in this epic beach town!
$99.00ON SALE for $75!

The Amazing Chase Santa Monica

If you're looking for a team building activity that's sure to leave your group in a fit of laughs, this is the tour for you! From Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach, your team will be challenged with tricky clues and exciting tasks that will maximize your experience in this funky part of LA.
$249.00ON SALE for $149!

The Amazing Chase Beverly Hills

Friendly competition is one of the best ways to foster team building. Inspired by the hit TV show The Amazing Race, this outdoor activity will require coworkers to band together to achieve each challenge and complete The Amazing Chase. From brain teasers to physical challenges to problem solving, this competition will leave your organization bonded with fits of laughs!
$249.00ON SALE for $149!

The Warner Bros. Studio & Segway Combo Tour

Families love this combination of our 2 most popular tours in LA. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is simply an awesome studio tour experience and combine that with our famous Segway Tours...Its like mixing chocolate with vanilla ice cream...it just goes better together and this is by far and away our most popular tour combo in Los Angeles!

Private Malibu Wine Tour

Please join us to spend a day outside of the city. Enjoy our beautiful mountains and taste our award winning California wines. Malibu produces many excellent vintages and unusual varietals! We host tours for every size group from couples on and we explore the most beautiful private vineyards in the mountains of Malibu.

The Taste of Beverly Hills Tour

A magnificent city is the manifestation of all that contributes to that greatness. An aspect of that sum total of glory is fully incongruent with the whole if it is anything less. The city of Beverly Hills illustrates this point in one particular regard: the food.

Runyon Canyon Hiking Tour

This 160 acre park features plenty of hiking, walking, and jogging trails - designating Runyon Canyon to be one of Los Angeles’ most popular fitness locales and must-see destinations. Leave the city behind and allow us to guide you on a beautiful hike with majestic palm trees and fantastic people watching too. We will bring plenty of water and all you need to bring is an eagerness to roam and explore. Be prepared to enjoy this adventure that is complimented with dramatic panoramic views of the mountains and cityscape.

Runyon Canyon Hiking Tour & Picnic

Escape the confines of urban LA life by enjoying the arboreal environment with a guided hike at Runyon Canyon Park along with a delicious and fresh picnic after. It seems like celebrity magazines feature photos of celebrities running, hiking, or walking their dogs in Runyon Canyon Park every day. At 160 acres, this park offers tons of hiking trails of various difficulties so it’s no surprise that stars of every age and fitness level are spotted here. Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel are often spotted taking walks and runs together, and Khloe Kardashian was recently sighted alongside her brother, Rob Kardashian. If they can do it and enjoy this special treat, than you can too!

The Hollywood Sound FX Tour

Foley is the art of adding specific sound effects to all movies and TV shows. These sounds can be anything from kissing and apple chomps to SWAT gear, bone breaks and sword shings. Foley is the art of sound. People take sound for granted, but you would miss it if it was not there. Foley is creating sounds in sync with what’s happening on screen. The art of Foley goes back to the old radio days where sound guys mimicking walking by clomping with coconuts.

F13131014It is our absolute pleasure to be at your service, to host you and your team, and to exceed all of your expectations on tour with us! We have a great reputation (5-star rated Trip Advisor & Yelp) and a long and distinguished Client List to prove it too.

What makes LA a great place to visit, also makes it a great place to build lasting and vital bonds within your corporate team. From the diverse people, to the tourists, to our vibrant business culture, to Mother Nature-with dramatic ocean and bay views, to the cosmopolitan population, to a downtown that’s both sophisticated, relaxed and growing, to our great parks, to our world-renowned beaches, and to our year-round sunshine that makes everything and everyone a little brighter…Los Angeles just works perfect for these activities and team building events!

With over 11 years of producing epic experiences and phenomenal team building events, we will incorporate the best of the city into your event and we look forward to exceeding your expectations too.