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The Famous Hollywood Tour

The Famous Hollywood Tour whisks our VIP guests on an awe express journey to everyones basic bucket list items in Hollywood and along The World Famous Sunset Strip. From the beginning to the end, this tour will entertain, excite, and inspire you. Come experience an awesome private tour with the best tour company in LA.

The Ultimate Hollywood Tour

The Ultimate Hollywood Tour is our most popular private tour in the city. Relax in comfort, luxury, and style as we escort you throughout the most popular and prestigious areas of Los Angeles. This tour includes Hollywood, The Hollywood Sign, The Sunset Strip, and Beverly Hills! If you require the best, then congratulations because you found it.

The LA Instagram Photo Tour

It is your turn to be a star! Come strike your own pose at the hottest Instagram spots in L.A. & Beverly Hills! We will see & photograph the famous murals & walls along Melrose Avenue including the Pink Wall & AngelWings, creative public art at LACMA including The Urban Lights Exhibit, and the iconic palm tree lined streets & The Beverly Hills sign. Come experience an awesome private tour with the best tour company in LA and get the amazing photos of a lifetime!

The Ultimate Coastal Tour

Resting beneath the purple hazy backdrop of the Malibu hills is the iconic Riviera of Los Angeles. Relax as our expert guide transports you to visit a majestic world-renowned display of hot spots that include the famed Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Malibu aka The Bu and much more.

The Private LA Highlights Tour

The Private Los Angeles Highlights Tour offers multiple photo opportunities including The Hollywood Sign, The Chinese Theatre, The Hollywood “Walk of Fame,” The Beverly Hills Sign, Rodeo Drive, The Whisky A Go Go, The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Playboy Mansion, and the Sunset Strip. Experience beautiful Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Celebrity Homes, and everything in between.

The Celebrity Homes Tour

For the best experience seeing the most lavish homes of your favorite celebrities, embark on this comprehensive private sightseeing tour. Travel through exclusive neighborhoods, admire the local architecture, and see iconic homes within the Capitol of Entertainment.

The Ultimate Hollywood & Coastal Tour

We do not use the word "Ultimate" lightly in reference to this experience. The Ultimate Hollywood Tour is our most popular private sightseeing tour in Los Angeles. Here you are being transported in comfort and style while you explore in the footsteps of Hollywood's rich and famous. This private tour is expertly guided and round trip transportation from your point of origin is included throughout.
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The Ultimate Haunted Hollywood Tour

Combine the glamour and glitz of Hollywood with the true backstory, that is The Ultimate Haunted Hollywood Tour. With a professional tour guide to host your souls, you will visit some of the most freaky, deadly, and haunted locations in the city. Enjoy tales that you will not hear on any ordinary tour. Learn about local crimes, riots, tragic accidents, and traumas that have taken place at some of the most famous locations here and visit the locations of these events. We look forward to taking you on a spooky adventure with the departed in LA. Please book on line or contact us directly to make your "final" arrangements.

The Malibu VIP Limo Tour

Experience Malibu within the guided privacy of a stretch limo just like the stars. You will be thrilled at the VIP service and polished attention you will receive on this remarkable luxury tour experience in Malibu. Touring the epic coastline of our city in your own private limousine evokes an awesome feeling, a cool connection, & you are the star. Enjoy the finest and most dramatic Pacific Ocean views throughout along with our white-glove service.

The Ultimate Haunted Hollywood Tour – With Oman House

Now you can come on your own ghost investigation and Tour at the paranormal hot spot that is The Oman House. Built by David Oman and his father in 1999 and completed in 2002, the house is wildly haunted. What makes it so unique is that when people visit the home the spirits that are around every one of us become active when you enter. The house sits in Beverly Hills, just north of famous Sunset Bl. down the private drive from the Sharon Tate Murders of August 9th, 1969 at the hands of Charles Manson and his "Family". We encourage taking pictures and videos during the tour so everyone can gather their own proof.

The Ultimate Malibu Tour

Welcome to the most scenic and beautiful 46 miles of Los Angeles County. Officially recognized in 2014 as an AVA (American Viticultural Area) the Malibu Coastal Region is more than just movie star homes, beaches, and surf breaks. Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains are home to some of the most stunning natural beauty anywhere in the world, within the Mediterranean Ecosystem (very rare in North America) reside Live Oak groves, chaparral covered hillsides, Wild Yucca, Fennel, and Mustard.

The Private Malibu Wine Tour

Please join us to spend a day outside of the city. Enjoy our beautiful mountains and taste our award winning California wines. Malibu produces many excellent vintages and unusual varietals! We host tours for every size group from couples on and we explore the most beautiful private vineyards in the mountains of Malibu.

The Ultimate Downtown LA Tour

Witness the transformation of Los Angeles from a pueblo into a world-class city by seeing the monuments that helped shape L.A. and learning how the city’s history continues to transform the City of Angels into a cultural icon. On this private tour, you will experience the history of Los Angeles from its development in the early 20th Century to its growth of unique landmarks, which have become destinations for all to explore.

The Beverly Hills VIP Limo Tour

Cruise the streets of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Los Angeles in guided privacy of a stretch limo just like the Stars. You will be thrilled at the VIP service and polished attention you will receive on this remarkable luxury tour experience in Los Angeles. Touring this city in your own private limousine evokes a connection to the poignant and rich history of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Group on Private Tour in Los AngelesSightseeing is an art and as silly as that may sound, those who find themselves carted around haphazardly by the fly-by-night tour outfits quickly realize that not all art is created equal.

Our talented staff are selected exclusively from high hospitality backgrounds with an emphasis on their storytelling abilities and they are extraordinarily well-versed in Hollywood and Beverly Hills lore.

We pride ourselves on offering the finest Private Tours in Los Angeles. We cordially invite you to tour with us and see for yourself why we have earned such an excellent reputation.

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