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The Private Malibu Wine Tour

Please join us to spend a day outside of the city. Enjoy our beautiful mountains and taste our award winning California wines. Malibu produces many excellent vintages and unusual varietals! We host tours for every size group from couples on and we explore the most beautiful private vineyards in the mountains of Malibu.

The Malibu Limo Wine Tour

The chemical response we, as humans, feel from the love that two people share is unlike anything else in nature. Allow Another Side Of Los Angeles Tours will to escort you, with our professional tour guide, to the bucolic and aesthetically striking hills of Malibu for a wine tasting experience of a lifetime. This tour is approx. 6 hours, includes transportation throughout, and all additional meeting details will be emailed in the confirmation after booking.


Visit Beautiful Malibu Wineries

Malibu, in the hills north of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, is the surfside paradise of popular culture since the days of the Beach Boys and earlier. What is not so widely known is that the handful of wineries nestled in its arroyos and canyons produce some phenomenal wine. The hills butt up against the very sea, with the famous Pacific Coast Highway literally a stone’s toss from the crashing waves (a feature unknown elsewhere in California); and just beyond in the folds of those lovely green hills await the wine.

It waits for you, and our close proximity to these lesser-known gems allows for half-day wine tours that will leave you wondering why you have never visited these vineyards before. The climate here is an extension of the world-renowned Santa Barbara to the north, and the varied slopes and grades of the hills create patches of varied sun exposure and micro-climate that permit the cultivation of several different grape varieties. Let us show them to you.