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The Early Bird Segway Tour

This tour is a great way to start your day and save money too. A new day brings guests into our city's most iconic areas of Los Angeles. The Historic Miracle Mile, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Urban Lights Exhibit, and The Peterson Auto Museum are all featured attractions. Visitors get a morning full of scenic locations, insider history, and plenty of dramatic views and photo opportunities.

The Miracle Segway Tour

A "Miracle" is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Our Miracle Mile Segway® Tour offers you an event like this, but with explanation. This is in the form of an awesome ride and a fun Segway® adventure. Do not miss out on this memorable experience and terrific value!
$99.00ON SALE for $75.00

Wilshire Blvd. Segway Tour

We call this tour route the "Segway Highway" because that is exactly what it is. The Wilshire Boulevard Segway Tour is one of our most popular tours in Los Angeles because it offers amazing photo stops, its a great value, and a really really fun ride.
$149.00ON SALE for $99.00

Warner Bros. Studio & Segway Tour Combo

Families love this combination of our 2 most popular tours in LA. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is simply an awesome studio tour experience and combine that with our famous Segway Tours...Its like mixing chocolate with vanilla ice cream...it just goes better together and this is by far and away our most popular tour combo in Los Angeles!

The Los Angeles Tour 

This tour offers the best 5-Star rated tour experience in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. In this 3 hour tour we will cover the basics on any LA visitor's bucket list. What makes us different? We are a locally owned and operated tour company, built by travelers, and we treat our guests like family. If you would like a wonderful, organic, and natural experience with a professional tour company, then please be our guest and book here with us. Reservations are required.
$149.00ON SALE for $99.00

The Los Angeles Beach Tour

L.A.’s beaches are an iconic and integral part of life here and getting some sand on your toes is practically a requirement of any visit too. Come see where the locals play. Experience the beautiful Santa Monica Bay, The Pacific Ocean and the pop culture of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Get into the groove with the best people watching on Earth and enjoy some fabulous vibes.
$149.00ON SALE for $99.00

The Los Angeles Highlights Tour

The Los Angeles Highlights Tour is our most popular semi-private daily tour in Los Angeles! In one full day we will cover The Famous Sunset Strip, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, The Grove, Celebrity Homes, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Griffith Park, and more. We absolutely look forward to hosting you on this adventure! Reservations required.
$199.00ON SALE for $149.00

Ultimate Hollywood & Segway Tour

Don't leave Los Angeles without experiencing our #1 Tour Package! We have combined our most popular tours to bring you this fantastic package.

The Celebrity Homes & Segway Tour

Another Side of Los Angeles Tours Celebrity Homes Tour introduces our guests to a private guided experience that is unparalleled in its detail and scope.

Exclusive Tour of The Getty Center

Experience the most expensive museum in the world in style and luxury! astonishing views and incredible artwork
$349.00ON SALE for 324.95


Save $$$$$ on Our Best Selling Tours!

Everybody likes to save money sometimes and a lot of people like to save money all of the time. Especially when you have a big family or group that wants to do something fun. Here are some fun options that we currently have on sale. These are limited time deals, they change frequently, and they will not last forever. Enjoy the deals and the amazing tours for less than ever before.