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You will get a very different view of Los Angeles on a walking, hiking or trekking tour. Discovering the cities sights on foot, you will get to know the place that you have chosen intimately and absorb the sights, the scents and the atmosphere in a way you never could behind the wheel of an automobile.

Another Side of Los Angeles Tours offers you more walking tours in Los Angeles than ever before, from gentle rambles across sun-drenched beaches to challenging mountain, gorge and ridge hikes. And everything in between! You can get right off the beaten track walking in Malibu. In tourist “hotspots” like Beverly Hills, you’ll walk to places tourists seldom see. You can walk through Runyan Canyon whose former residents include John McCormick and Errol Flynn. All this as well as experiencing some of finest escorted hiking tours in Los Angeles.

In many areas we think our guided hiking tours are the best way to get a real experience of Los Angeles. Unless you have a lot of time to do your own planning, and patience, you’ll appreciate our meticulous research and tour designs. We have carefully chosen our routes and picked the best points of interest for you to visit and enjoy.

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Runyon Canyon Hiking Tour

This 160 acre park features plenty of hiking, walking, and jogging trails - designating Runyon Canyon to be one of Los Angeles’ most popular fitness locales and must-see destinations. Leave the city behind and allow us to guide you on a beautiful hike with majestic palm trees and fantastic people watching too. We will bring plenty of water and all you need to bring is an eagerness to roam and explore. Be prepared to enjoy this adventure that is complimented with dramatic panoramic views of the mountains and cityscape.

Santa Monica Hiking Tour

Take a private hiking tour of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains in Topanga State Park, the world's largest wildland within the boundaries of a major city.

Hiking Tour & Picnic in Santa Monica

Take a private hiking tour of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.

Runyon Canyon Hiking Tour & Picnic

Escape the confines of urban LA life by enjoying the arboreal environment with a guided hike at Runyon Canyon Park with a delicious and fresh picnic.