Warner Bros. Studio Tour & Segway Tour Combo

Families love this combination of our 2 most popular tours in LA. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is simply an awesome studio tour experience and combine that with our famous Segway Tours...Its like mixing chocolate with vanilla ice cream...it just goes better together and this is by far and away our most popular tour combo in Los Angeles!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

At Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, every tour is unique, family friendly and tailored for your group. Plus, it changes every day — so you’ll never get the same tour twice. Explore real sets, backlots and soundstages — and check out our most famous props and costumes. Your knowledgeable tour guide will show you where and how we create some of the most memorable moments in film and television history. With actual filming and production all around, no two tours are alike and the possibilities are endless! And always, always be on the lookout for a star!

Warner Bros. Hollywood Deluxe Studio Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood royalty with our Deluxe Tour – the ultimate experience for film fans! Led by our top tour guides, this exclusive tour gives you a comprehensive insight into the magic of movie making. You will walk onto a working production set, see elements of post-production and be taken into the Warner Bros. Studio prop house. Here you will get a behind-the-scenes look at the props from some of your favorite television shows and films. In addition, your group will dine in the studio commissary where you have the real opportunity to dine with the stars.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour experience with Another Side Of Los Angeles Tours is simply the best studio tour in LA! We work directly with Warner Bros. tour management on an individual tour by tour basis.

Our goal is to make this an all inclusive, super spectacular, awesome, and exciting VIP tour for our guests! One way that Warner Bros. goes the extra mile for our guests is by shaping the experience around their likes and dislikes. Basically we take this already amazing tour to another level.

Literally, this experience immerses our guests in the inner sanctum of the entertainment industry with journey into the heart of one of the world’s busiest motion picture and television studios.